Cosplay character this time

Cartoon The heroine of the blade of demon destruction, the younger sister of the main character, Charcoal Jiro.It is the eldest daughter of six elder brother and sister of the Kamon family, and a small bamboo
which held a long hair and the mouth which exists to the beautiful girl waist of the reputation in the town is a feature.
He lived a happy life with his family, but he became a demon because of the cruel disaster that suddenly came.

It resists the work as the demon which eats the person, and it takes a journey which does not end to return to the person while protecting the person with the elder brother.

What's the pose?[清寒]×[鬼滅の刃]×[禰豆子] ×[ 宅コス]





What is Kiyocold??

Name Qing-ho A cosplayer from Jiangxi Province, China, is a 19-year-old who likes hanazawa (Shun Oguri) of the Japanese drama "Dumplings from Flowers".